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Mariana PatsarikaDancer and Teacher

Initiated at the classical ballet and the contemporary dance already at the age of 4, Mariana integrates a training cycle into the Academy of Ballet Aspasia Foutsi in Thessaloniki (Greece).

She deepens her education in contemporary dance within the R.I.D.C. school in Paris, which allows her to obtain the diploma of professional dancer (Exam of Technical Aptitude). Since 2007 she enriches her experience as performer and teacher in Argentine Tango.

In addition, Mariana has a licence in Architecture (Polytechnic School of Thessaloniki A.U.TH.) and obtained a diploma of master degree in International Artistic Cooperation (University Paris VIII, project research named Cité Tango, a participative performance centered on the implication of the spectator in the sociocultural dimension of tango).


Dimitris BiskasDancer and Teacher

The meeting between Dimitris and the art of dance took place at his childhood by the assiduous practice of sporting latin dances.

His talent is early confirmed by the title of champion of latin dances in Greece (2001, 2006). In 2006 Dimitris is conquered by the Argentine Tango, to which he will be entirely devoted as a pedagogue and performer. In parallel with his practice, he undertakes theoretical research and obtains a licence degree in Performing Arts-Dance (University Paris VIII), then a master degree in Cultural Mediation (University of New Sorbonne Paris III). Thanks to all the resources which his dance education gave him, you can find in him a particularly profound intellect concerning the relationship between music and movement.

LosBiskasMariana and Dimitristhe duet

Los Biskas is the duet formed by Mariana and Dimitris as performers and teachers in the professional sphere of Argentine Tango. Born in 2007, their popularity extends from now on through Europe: France, Greece, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Belgium, United Kingdom and Italy, countries where the duet is well known for their performances and their pedagogy.

It’s the city of Paris that Los Biskas chose in September 2010 as a base for their artistic activities and for their tango classes, without excluding collaboration with other cities in France. They are the co-founders of Paris Tango Mon Amour, a team of dancers and teachers of Argentine Tango.

The ArtistsArtistic identity

Based on their experience as social ‘milonguero’ dancers, but also on the wealth of their dance education, the duet engaged in a technical and theatrical research of the movement which characterises their artistic identity. Without ever moving away from the fundamentals of Argentine Tango, the duet explores possibilities inspired by their experience in other dancing disciplines. Their choreographic creations integrate various elements of all styles of tango (pista, milonguero, escenario, contemporary). They are currently main dancers on two tango shows : Tango Shortcuts : They shoot horses, don’t they ? and Romeo and Juliet Tango.


The TeachersTeaching method

Our teaching method is based on the transmission of a technique centered on the way of using the relation between timing and space, characteristic of the Argentine Tango since this dance is considered before all a social dance and most importantly a dance of improvisation. We strongly believe that it’s from this perspective that our students can develop their own musicality and their personal direction on the improvisation, while feeling the profound pleasure of the dancing body. In our classes we love to work more with concepts like the plasticity of the embrace, the center of gravity as a vector of the movement in the space, the precision of the stepping, important ingredients that truly enrich technic and sensations and create a path towards a deeper understanding of the movement.

For more information about our regular classes in Paris, please visit the website :

theCollaborationsShows, Events& other

Los Biskas count among the most acclaimed dancers, solicited by several companies based in Paris. The duet had already the occasion to be part of multiple artistic collaborations and dance in the most prestigious theatres.

Theatres :

Folies Bérgère, Cabaret Sauvage, Cirque Électrique, Palais de Tokyo, Théâtre du Gymnase, Théâtre du Leman (Génève), L’Onde Theatre-Center of art (Vélizy), Théâtre des Mazades (Toulouse), Auditorium Laurent Gerra (Val Cenis), Théâtre des Franciscains (Béziers), Kulturzentrum Alter Schlachthof (Eupen), Theatre Aulaia (Thessaloniki).

Tango shows:

Cie Tango Unione (Tango Shortcuts, Cabaret Tango Circus, Tango Vertige), Cie Laboratorio-C (Romeo and Juliet Tango), Cie In-Senso (SecurIntimicy, TangoPerf).

Choreorgaphers and Events :

Kamel Ouali, Stéphane Jarny, Marjorie Ascione (100 years of Galleries La Fayette, 65°Cannes Film Festival Chopard Mystery Party, Renault Trucks Inauguration).


Digital Milonga (SS2021 shoes collection Maison Margiela, designer John Galliano), Imagine tango Shoes, L’Oréal (commercial with Hugh Laurie).

Films and video clips:

Documentary celebrating the 100 years from the birth of Astor Piazzolla entitled Le tango dans tous ses états (La Bonne Pioche productions, 2022), Films En corps (Cédric Klapisch, 2021) and La prunelle de mes yeux (Axelle Ropert, 2016), Amor Latino (singer Frédéric François, 2013).
In September 2016, Los Biskas represented France in the festival Tango for All, the first and only project of tango supported by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union, aiming to promote the values and the culture of the Argentine Tango in five different countries of Europe.

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